ENSUS Sustainability Prize

The ENSUS Sustainability Prize will acknowledge the best projectual proposal in the areas of architecture, design and engineering. Its obtective is to motivate the production of scientific papers and innovational solutions in this theme.

To participate, send an abstract of your proposition containing, atleast, the following items:

Proposition title;

Authorship and organizational filliation (there is no limit to the number of authors, although a maximum of four is recommended);

Introduction – with a description of the objective, the problem addressed and justification;

Development – concept presentation, solution, description of the technology and functionality of the solution with graphical representation and/or illustrations necessary for the best understanding of the proposition; methodological synthesis containing the major steps in development and fundamental references;

Conclusion – pointing out the cost/benefit analysis of the solution and its viability

You can use an appendix and a free format.

The submissions will be analysed by a commission of judges, made by atleast three members that must analyse effectiveness, efficacy and executability of the proposed solution, level of detail, maturity and quality of the presented development.


The winners, in a total of three submissions, ranked from first to third place, will receive a free subscription to the event ENSUS 2018 and will be able to exhibit their project during its three days, in the form of posters or boards (following the event’s template) accompanied by prototype or model (if there is).

The award ceremony will be held during the opening of the event. The winners will be awarded with a certificate, prize icon (medal, trophy or equivalent) and a bonus according to their ranking.


The subscriptions are to be made via e-mail, by sending an e-mail to the event address, containing identification of the authors, a description of the proposition (containing the items solicited) in a .PDF file. Are to be considered participants all that satisfy the conditions of the subscription and receive a confirmation e-mail of the receivement of the proposition containing their subscription number to the PRIZE. Submissions are to be sent until 10th April 2018.

The participation in the award ceremony guarantees the participation in the event only to the three winners.

Material from the participants will be displayed in our page and in the Grupo de Pesquisa Virtuhab/UFSC repository.