The subscription process for the event is made by FAPEU through the following link:


Subscriptions until 01/02/2018 :

R$100,00 – Undergratuate students

R$150,00 – Teachers, researchers, professionals, postgraduates and community

Subscriptions until 02/02/2018 to 20/03/2018 (payment confirmation until 25/03/2018) :

R$150,00 – Undergraduate students

R$200,00 – Teachers, researchers, professionals, postgraduates and community

The value of the subscription includes the participation in the event during the days 18, 19 and 20 of April 2018 and includes the participant kit (annals of the event, notepad, pens and ENSUS mug) and a participation certificate emitted by UFSC. What separates ENSUS from other events is its subscription values, which are kept to the minimum to make sure all students and the community are able to participate, ensuring that the discussion of sustainability has a broad reach. Subscriptions by note of agreement will be accepted via instructions in item (4).


(1) – The subscription to the event ensures the offer of a coffee break during the three days of the event, opening conference and lectures, which will be paid by the event. The programme will be published in advance for public awareness.

(2) – Undergrad students and Post-grad students must submit, along with their subscription form, proving their afilliation with academic institutions, to the e-mail

(3) – Accepted scientific papers will only be published in the annals if at least one of the authors has a subscription to the event, with its payment confirmed, till the 20th of March, 2018

(4) – The payment of the subscription fee allows for up to 3 scientific papers to be published in the annals

(5) – Payments via note of agreement must be made in the name of:

Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa e Extensão Universitária – FAPEU:

Address: UFSC – Campus Reitor João David Ferreira Lima – Bairro Trindade – Florianópolis – Santa Catarina – Brasil
CEP 88040-970 – Caixa Postal 5153 – Tel: (48)3331-7400. Fax: (48)3234
CNPJ: 83.476.911/0001-17 – Inscrição Estadual: ISENTO – Inscrição Municipal: 61.274-0

How to make a subscription via note of agreement?

First you must subscribe to the event. After that, search for the department responsible for the notes of agreement in your institution and request the note. Then, after requesting it, forward the document to FAPEU/UFSC, via these e-mails, with a copy to and, along with the request form for note of agreement FAPEU ENSUS 2018 fully signed. A reminder that when signing the note of agreement, the “Razão social/nome” must be signed in the name of your institution, as well as the other informations (CNPJ, address…).

In the event of a business company that needs an invoice, it should first make the payment for the subscription to the event, and the sign the form for the solicitation of invoices FAPEU ENSUS 2018 and forward it to the following e-mail

(6) – The 12 best scientific papers will be selected to take part in the Journal Mix Sustentável – vol 4 n. 2.

Question about the subscription process must be forwarded to with copies to and / / /